Scooter tdp-302z
Hybrid Brushless Motor
MC33035P motor controller


neodymium magnet
Alternator Conversions
Traditionally, EV traction motors have been brushed direct current motors. These are also known as PMDC or permanent magnet motors.  Increasingly, though, we are seeing AC or 'brushless DC' motors being used and sold. What is the difference? Well let's first say that brushed PM motors are extremely reliable, quiet, efficient, and able. It is largely a myth that you need to replace the brushes in a well engineered vehicle motor. The rpm is not that high and the brushes typically last for years, and they are generally quite easy to replace. Your vehicle may wear out before the brushes. That being said, an AC motor and a brushless motor have no contact parts at all and should require absolutely no service ever. A brushless DC motor is, really, just a variation on an AC induction motor, the kind most household appliance use to run on alternating single phase house current. A 'brushless DC' motor is simply meant to run on DC, with a mandatory external controller which converts battery DC electricity into multi-phase AC power. A multi-phase AC setup is even more efficient than single phase AC motors. You might look these up in Wikipedia or something as it's really too complicated to go into here.