HuaShu TPA-302Z Scooter
Fixing a non working scooter from China like the one in photo. It has a 200 Watt in-hub electric motor getting 36 Volt DC power from 3 x 12 Volt SLA batteries (Sealed Lead Acid) connected in series.  
It had a broken wire in cable to wheel from controller. 
Batteries are in a bad condition, could only make a short run down to the beach before running out of power.

SLA Battery from Electus for AU$ 52.97 +GST each

Length 151mm, Width 98 mm, Height 94 mm, total Height 100 mm with terminals

LiFePO4 Batteries will reduce size and weight by more then 50% and life cycle by more then ten times according to information found but cost over AU$500.

Scooter similar to a TPA-302Z

fixing bad cowling battery and controller space handlebar electrics